East Street Tattoo 2001-2011

After years of hangin around, and getting tattooed, at the legendary East street Tattoo in Stockholm in the late 90's i started working there in 2001 as shop assistant. I formally started my apprenticeship under supervision of the shops founder and owner Hans "Isak" Isaksson in january 2004. Years of hard work and good times later I found myself as the shops senior tattooer and was made partner for a short period of time before the shop imploded in september 2011, marking ten years at East Street Tattoo for me. 


Tatueringsmaskinen (birth) 2011-2015

I moved up north to Sundsvall in december 2011 to open up a new shop called TATUERINGSMASKINEN with local talent Olle Sundling. The shop was open for business on the 13 of december. During my years in Sundsvall I developed a more distinct style, moving from the playful, colorful oldschool style of years past into the more graphic black traditional/ blackwork style associated with the name TATUERINGSMASKINEN today. Even though the shop and its tattoers made a strong impact, the name TATUERINGSMASKINEN was becoming more and more associated with me as a tattooer, rather than being a tattoo studio. The shop was put to rest on the 29 of September 2015 (coincidentally the EXACT same date as my last day of tattooing at the old East Street Tattoo in 2011!).


Infamous Studio 2015-2016

During my last year in Sundsvall I started doing regular guest spots at INFAMOUS STUDIO in Stockholm with my old friend (and a big inspiration) Theo Jak. And after moving back to Stockholm in october 2015 I started working there full time (promising myself to never have a tattoo shop of my own again. At least not for very long.... Or so i thought).


On the road 2015-2016

During most of 2015-2016 I also spent a LOT of time on the road, working around all of Sweden. 


Tatueringsmaskinen (rebirth) 2016-

By the end of the summer 2016 I started making plans for leaving INFAMOUS studio and opening my own shop in Stockholm: TATUERINGSMASKINEN. This time i would build a shop all of my own and on my own, reflecting my own very distinct style, personality and aesthetics: black tattoos, black metal, black magic.